House Letter on Senate-Amended JOBS Act
March 27, 2012

Small Business Needs the JOBS Act (H.R. 3606) 

…a boost to entrepreneurship, small business capital access, and jobs 

Dear Representative: 


On behalf of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) and our more than 

100,000 members nationwide, I am writing to urge your support of the Senate-amended  

Jumpstart our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, H.R. 3606. The JOBS Act offers powerful reforms 

that will help small businesses at various stages of growth and development.  These common 

sense reforms will provide regulatory flexibility and relief, and will promote and unleash new 

sources of funding for capital-starved small businesses. 


A strong entrepreneurial ecosystem depends on access to capital.  Freeing up new sources of 

capital – as the JOBS Act will do – will strengthen our nation’s small business sector, and add to 

their job creating capacity.  Startups and high-potential businesses have been plagued by a 

capital chasm since the financial crises, and the JOBS Act offers practical reforms to help 

entrepreneurial firms at their various stages of growth and development.   


The crowdfunding provision of the JOBS Act, along with the sensible changes made to 

Regulation D, are two forceful components that will produce significant benefits for the small 

business community. Other reforms contained within the JOBS Act will help small businesses 

access and accelerate their growth in the public markets.  Inflexible and costly rules that impede 

our most promising enterprises are properly addressed in H.R. 3606, allowing these firms to 

more efficiently scale up while freeing up more resources for investment and job creation. 


Thank you, in advance, for your continued support of America’s small business owners and 





Karen Kerrigan, President & CEO

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